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With many years of experience as a dietitian I have can help with a range of dietary needs and medical conditions  

Eating for Optimum Wellbeing

I can advise you on dietary changes incorporating your personal health status, lifestyle and goals.  Whether that’s preparing for surgery, losing weight, improving immune health, dealing with fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, improving your mood, managing low body weight/malnutrition or simply wishing to feel better, healthier and more energised.  Contact

Kidney Nutrition

Different kidney conditions require a different diet, whether it's chronic kidney disease, kidney stones or looking after your kidney transplant, individual advice can be really helpful. 

There is no such thing as a standard kidney diet, every person is unique and benefits from personalised dietary advice to help manage their kidney health, if that's slowing the progression of kidney failure, prevent kidney stone, ensuring adequate nutrition during dialysis or staying well with a kidney transplant. As a specialist kidney dietitian with over 10 years experience in kidney nutrition and an active member of the Kidney Kitchen team at Kidney Care UK I can support you with your diet and current kidney function. Contact

IBS and the low FODMAP diet

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can really affect your quality of life and cause great frustration to resolve.  I offer individual and tailored advice and support for IBS, plus having completed the Monash University 'low FODMAP' course, I can also support you through this diet and help you bring resolution to your unpleasant symptoms. Contact

Vegetarian, Vegan & Plant-Based nutrition

Having completed training in Plant-Based Nutrition from the University Winchester and British Society of Lifestyle medicine, I can advise on how you adopt a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based diet ensuring your diet is healthy, balanced and meets your individual needs, providing advice on any vitamin and mineral supplementation required.  Contact

Hormonal Health

Personalised nutritional advice on how to manage Menopause, Premenstrual syndrome and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) as well as the complications associated with PCOS.  Contact

Heart Health

I can provide sensible, practical and personalised advice to enable you to make the changes that can protect your heart, for the management of high blood pressure and raised cholesterol.  Contact


With many years’ experience supporting people with Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.  I am able to support you to make healthier dietary and lifestyle changes, to keep your diabetes in check and most importantly help you understand how to manage your condition and reduce your risk from the long-term complications.  Contact

Bone Health

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, are at risk of osteoporosis or simply want advice to optimise your bone health then I can guide through a healthy diet and supplementation to support your bone health.  Contact

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